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The duties of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) are laid out in several places in the Observation Pointe Covenants and Restrictions, most particularly in Articles 15 and 25. The purpose of the ACC is to preserve a harmonious design for the community and to protect the value of the property for everyone. The general theme is that in order to keep some semblance of uniformity and balance within the association, unit owners must receive advance approval from the ACC before any exterior work is done. Some examples of modifications requiring prior ACC approval that are contained elsewhere in the Observation Pointe Covenants and Restrictions are:

  • Erecting “accessory structures,” such as storage sheds (Article 7, section 7.2)

  • Location of satellite dishes (Article 10, section 10.1)

  • Alterations in the exterior shape, color, or appearance of the residence (Article 25)

  • Alterations to fences (Articles 23 and 25)


If you are planning an alteration to the exterior of your home, please choose one of the two options below.

In accordance with Article 27 of the covenants, the Architectural Control Committee developed uniform mailbox and post standards for use in Observation Pointe, and briefed the board of directors, who concurred, at the June 21, 2016 board meeting. All three ACC-approved mailboxes and posts are black and made of metal or plastic. Two of the three approved styles are the “old” and “new” mailboxes that currently exist in the neighborhood. The third one is similar to the “new” style, but less expensive. The approved mailboxes and posts appear below.

At left is the “old” style. The box is available at
Lowe’s and is called “Postmaster Brunswick,” in
black metal with nickel frame and flag.  

The “new” style mailbox and post, at right, is
available online at Imperial Mailbox Systems
 and is called “1K Mailbox ”.


At left is the third mailbox and post approved by the ACC for use in Observation Pointe. It is available online from First Impressions and is called the “C2 Mailbox System.”

At right is a black polymer post, available at Lowe’s, which is approved for use with the “old” style mailbox.

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