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Annual assessments (dues) of $250 are due January 1 of each year.


Payment for annual assessments will not be considered late until February 15.


A service charge of five percent (5%) will be added to payments received after March 2, plus interest at the rate of 12% per annum.


Homeowners will receive a notice of annual assessment in the mail at the beginning of December from the property manager.  Checks can be mailed to the property manager at: 


Association Management Support & Services, Inc.

PO Box 3621
Tallahassee, Florida 32315

Between December 1st and March 2nd, you will find a button to the right that will allow you to pay using PayPal.  A processing fee is pre-calculated and added to your amount. If you do not see the PayPal button but would still like to send your payment electronically, please contact us using the link below.


If you have questions about the annual assessments, please contact us.

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